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the whole family plays

As a mom of a large family, I was fascinated by children’s toys when our little ones arrived. What started as entertainment became a world of opportunities for our children’s growth. Building blocks proved most beneficial for fostering creativity. Motivated by this, we explored construction sets, capturing moments through photos. Realizing others might be interested, I created a website. Parents worldwide joined, sharing ideas and pictures.

Active participation came from former USSR countries, adding sets from the Soviet Union, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Started 20 years ago, the site was on a toy store’s page until the store closed. During COVID, I organized the database, mixing old low-resolution photos with new ones. To support the site, I used referral links and sifted through Amazon to distinguish real sets from fake ones.

The site’s essence is authentic building sets encouraging creativity, not fixed designs. I welcome your contributions to enrich this encyclopedia, aiming to serve everyone’s interests.

Tania, Helga, George, and others

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