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A Walk of Anteaters

The author is my son (11 years old) made anteaters with long ears. Such specimen do not exist in nature, but this way they are much prettier, according to the son. We put 2 anthill pyramids, then made trees. The eldest daughter (9 years old) built a pond (in the upper right corner) with lush vegetation. 2-year-old Arishka, of course, took an active part, handing over the details and constructing flowers. The stones scattered throughout the forest are what the round and oval cicadas are then made of. You can read more about the life of anteaters here.

A Walk of Anteaters

4 thoughts on “A Walk of Anteaters

  1. The day before yesterday I bought this building set for the children in a superstore – in a huge bright red suitcase and a stand, and racks, and various parts – straight, arcs, long, flexible, bending … The price for this set of 200 parts (I can’t describe delight in the eyes of children at the sight this GORGEOUS spectacle) was reduced by more than 5 (!!!) times at the sale, and I was very, very satisfied. I think that maybe we need to buy more suitcases – for example, for gifts, for such a price :)))
    In Magnetix, magnets are only at the ends (unlike Bornimago) – this determines its own nuances when making complex geometric shapes (but only mom noticed this so far). And they are also a little weaker than Bornimago. But not by much, they are strong enough. It cannot be compared with the Chinese Magnetic set that I have already mentioned. This suitcase, of course, is a set for preschool children. A variety of pieces, stands – all this adds interest to beginner young 3-5 year old creators 🙂 But Bornimago is still more oriented towards older children.

    1. Magnetix also released a lot of interesting stuff, including for school-aged children. They had interesting parts, like kits with silver and gold parts (I mean the color), there were Micro kits with very tiny parts, kits for building skyscrapers from magnetic blocks that mimic real building panels. And of course, there are many different things like light bulbs, bending parts, sticks of different lengths, geometric panels, etc. Generally, the sets are excellent. The magnets are relatively strong. My son played with Magnetikus and Bornimago, and he said that they are stronger than Magnetix. And Magnetix got belly up in a scandal some years ago. I don’t remember exactly what happened, at first the magnet mount was improved so that magnets would not fall out, but nevertheless the set was discontinued, which is a pity. It is no longer found in the USA, but there are still many of it left overseas.

      1. Tatiana, what is the difference between Magnestix and Bornimago/Geomag?

        1. Well, all in all, there is no big difference. The same rods and balls, only Magnetix has larger balls – half of an inch. And as far as I know – Magnetix is out of production.

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