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A clone of an American magnetic construction set for toddlers.


5 thoughts on “Acrobat

  1. Thanks for the crafts! But why a clone? Maybe it is American 🙂 We just recently replenished our set with a mixture of these blocks – they have exactly the same drawings on the wheels.

    1. Oh, I don’t know if it’s a clone or not. Drawings on all other details, including the wheels, made on metal sheets inserted into blocks and fixed with tiny pins.

      1. Children, of course, do not care who the manufacturer is 🙂 As long as they can play and attach the pieces. The magnets of our constructor are not very strong, for example, a pair of 2 train cars will not roll, the magnet hold them together. But our youngest loves to build all sorts of creatures and towers.

        1. We also have weak magnets in our set. Static crafts hold better. And my youngest loves to put all the details in their places in a foam box.

          1. Wow! You even have a box 🙂 And we gave our youngest a plastic suitcase with a handle for these blocks, Alesya is very happy, she moves around the house with it 🙂

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