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Almost An Emelard City

Made from EDTOY blocks by Willy (6 years).

Almost An Emelard City

5 thoughts on “Almost An Emelard City

  1. Since there are emerald columns and a lion, there is no doubt – it’s the Emerald City! We really miss such rod pieces! In the autumn I looked for a separate set, but didn’t find it.

    1. Tatiana, I have good news for you, the Chinese don’t sleep, and if they do, they see colorful dreams about how to copy this set… And they have already copied it, the question is, what is the quality of the magnets and what is the size of the parts? I want to try to buy, but I’m not completely sure if we need to increase our already huge number of sets (14 sets of 22 piece), just for one builder. We also need, but only long rods, 2 times longer than usual, as well as short ones, 2 times shorter than standard ones – 1 inch.

      1. The original Edtoy is sold on Taobao, but the price is also high.

        1. We realized that the Chinese do not sleep a while ago – the very large set that we purchased turned out to be a Chinese clone. Generally, the clone is not bad, but the wheelsets are completely different from the original, which is very upsetting. And not just that, 1 pair broke very quickly and the animals turned out to be flimsy. Otherwise, everything is in order, the clone has the right to life 🙂 The box is especially good – it endured 4 flights on a plane :)))

          1. Tatiana, on the second day of playing, a magnet flew out of the cube from our original wooden edtoy set, and the part holding the magnet cracked. And not just that, a plastic flower also broke into pieces and the magnet fell out of its smallest part when we opened a new box, so you have to be careful if little kids play with it, so no one will swallow the pieces.

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