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The beauty is that I bought a set of Magtastik (Mega Blocks) without one part, but with a 75% discount. However, the youngest son did not give me the opportunity to enjoy such luck for a long time, and grabbed a large car with the money I’ve saved. Now he rides ir around the house, with the details of the building set in the trunk.

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Magtastik – a Fun Building Kit

I didn’t pay attention to this building kit before. But I was wrong… We enjoyed playing with another magnetic set with large colored balls and sticks, until we accidentally came across this one – we bought a small set for a trip. The set had eyes, and the children were hooked. I began to look for it on the Internet, shopping – I found several sets, including magnetic animals and a train. The set consists of large metal balls and plastic rods with magnets. In different sets, these basic elements are supplemented with eyes, tails, legs, wheels, coasters (as the one on the photo – blue one for 3 balls) and many more interesting details. This sets was produced by Mega Blocks corporation.

Magtastik - a Fun Building Kit