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K’NEX Kid Education Classroom Collection Set

This is one of the educational K’Nex sets, made with daycare and classroom use in mind. It comes in a sturdy plastic box for later storage and contains usual Kid K’Nex pieces. But there are also building cards with ideas on how to use this set to explain important concepts to children. This set is also bigger than the most Kid K’Nex – it has 225 pieces.

K'NEX Kid Education Classroom Collection Set
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Kid K’Nex And Tinkertoy In One Box

A joint project of Kid Knex and Playscool, the company releasing Tinkertoy plastic building kits. 2 wonderful sets combined in one box. From Kid Knex, the sets got flexible rods, shaped parts, eyes, and characters. From Tinkertoy – rings, adapters, sticks, blades. They released several sets – like Transit, Vehicles, Animals, Circus, and Pink. ATTENTION: Compatibility has some restrictions, for example, Tinkertoy sticks cannot connect to Kid Knex stars, there are no hard Kid Knex sticks in this construction set (we have Pink set). There are only flexible rods that fit well with the holes in the Tinkertoy parts. You can use this constructor together with Superstructs sets.

Kid K'Nex And Tinkertoy In One Box