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An underwater scene made from K’Nex – a sea corall, a crab, and four seahorses.


6 thoughts on “SEAHORSES

  1. You are doing so great! The seahorses are so cute.

    1. Thank you! You can you this picture for the presentation on Seahorses for the Science class :). “Weddings of seahorses are very interesting. They sing and dance. They “walk and hold hands” (weaving their tails) and gracefully spin among the algae. On the abdomen, the male has a wide fold, where the female lays her eggs. (On the left in the photo: a horse-dad with a special bag for raising offspring). After a month and a half, baby seahorses are born (in the photo on the right).”

  2. It looks great! A visual aid for those who study the underwater world :))) Corals impressed me the most, they look so realistic!

    1. Thank you!)

  3. I really think that educational K’Nex sets are the best.

    1. Yes, I ordered the same Kid K’NEX Life Cycles set of 230 parts for my children. One of their favorites so far, even though the girls are already 9 and 10 years old. It’s also becoming interesting for my son (2.9) 🙂 With it, you can talk about life cycles in a simple, very clear and funny way.

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