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Chinese Kid K’Nex

Here is an interesting Chinese version of the K’Nex called Genius. The quality is good, the details are exactly the same, even the color matches the shape of the original part. Pairs well with real K’Nex. The parts of the real K’Nex have slightly thicker edges and the parts are a little more elastic, but otherwise they are almost indistinguishable. We found it IRL, in one of the children’s stores and bought to the great joy of the younger ones. Before buying it, we did not yet have screws, large parts for cars and orange hemispheres. The children built a fun helicopter. The set contains 38 parts and a colorful booklet. There saw models with wheels, which means there are other versions of this construction set.

Chinese Kid K'Nex

12 thoughts on “Chinese Kid K’Nex

  1. I think I saw it on Amazon. But I wasn’t sure about buying it, because I didn’t know if it would connect with the original Knex. Tatiana, thanks for the post!

    1. Jane, can you remember what of the Amazon sites it was? Was it listed for him as Genius? Tatiana, can you write its article number and maybe there is a website on the box? Where did you buy it? Is this the only Chinese version or do they have other sets?

      1. Alas, I already threw away the boxes, and we mixed the details with our Knex. There was definitely no site – I pay always attention to this. I bought it in real store, not on the Internet.

        1. I think this is the ZZ Toy’s brand. They released their own Ello and now they also have Knex. I think you can find them on Chinese sites.

  2. Hats off to the Chinese manufacturer. I also wait for delivery of the another Chinese KNex version. Judging by the contents, this is not the set that you showed (there are fewer parts and the design of the box is slightly different).

  3. Thank you so much, girls! Anybody has links to the Chinese Ello?

    1. Seems like there are many different Chinese KNex knock-offs.

  4. This is the information I found. It seems like ZZ toys removed this Genius from production and it is nowhere to be found either. Maybe somewhere in the remnants of the shops. But ZZ toys released an analogue of ZOOB with wheels, with the ability to build little people, robots, cars, etc. And it’s budget-friendly.

    1. Looks like thay don’t make Ello anymore either. All the old links are dead. What a pity…

      1. Thank you. Tatiana, do you have any toys or products of the Chinese brand called Zipbin?

  5. Woooo, I bought Genus with discount!

    1. Can you please tell us where?

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