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Da Vinchi H Set On A Store Shelf

You may occasionally find this set in toy stores across Europe, but not in USA.

Da Vinchi H Set On A Store Shelf

20 thoughts on “Da Vinchi H Set On A Store Shelf

  1. Can you give a link to the store, I just can’t find it, thanks.

    1. It was available online, unfortunately, already in the past tense… I myself am looking for the 2nd set, the boys really liked that constructor.

      1. I looked for it at Taobao, there are a lot of large and small sets, but the price (!) It’s also still available in Australia and Indonesia, but delivery (!) If you need links, please write me via email, I will send them.

        1. Thank you 🙂 I saw this set both in Australia and in Korea itself, but there is the same problem – delivery is too expensive.

          1. Only the price stops me, I also really liked the Edtoy 90410 large set with colorful transparent details and the labyrinth.

  2. Tatiana, have you ever seen Aircraft P90102 set in Thailand? I couldn’t find this information anywhere, I’d love to know if it is sold here.

    1. I never saw it in Thailand – I did in Indonesia, China, Japan, Australia and USA 🙂 but not in Thailand.

      1. Thank you 🙂

  3. I would love to buy a Da Vinchi 100 set, but I’ve only seen this one on their website.

    1. I also liked it. It is sold on TaoBao, prices differ by 350-500 yuan.

      1. If it weren’t for the price, I would have bought this set, I liked these “glass” parts.

        1. Thank you!!! I haven’t used Taobao yet 🙂 but the price for such a set is quite, I will only need to sort out the delivery 🙂

          1. They also have a small Aircraft set, but not a transparent one.

  4. There are also Mega sets on Taobao.

    1. I couldn’t find any 🙁

      1. Try to search on AliExpress, it’s sold there.

        1. And also edtoy P90410.

          1. Thank you for the information 🙂 The choice is for infinite :))) Prices, however, are bitey 🙁 But, as I understand it, at the moment only China has a large selection of Edtoy sets, including Da Vinci blocks…

  5. Yes, China only. My search was very long, but I found it only there. It’s a shame, because they are made in China and, by the logic, price should be acceptable, but they were created in Korea, this is their policy. Maybe it will follow the fate of Magformers … After all, they made Mag-Wisdom and it is sold much cheaper and the quality is good. I just wish they will hurry up, otherwise it won’t take long to go broke with these prices. I also liked the edtoy P90460 set in a large box (the picture on the box looks like a missile system :-). Kids can make interesting crafts from this set alone, but if you combine it with other sets…

    1. Yes, you can build interesting and creative things even from a small set of edtoy, let alone a big one, I can imagine what we would do with this one 🙂 Yes, and recommended age is flexible, my girls, even though they are schoolgirls, would play with pleasure. Let alone the kids – our youngest is 20 months old, he never lets go of his set. He drags the box behind him and builds, and builds, then I go and collect pieces all around the house 🙂 Probably, the Chinese have not yet figured out all the charm of this set :))) And yes, the clones of Magformers are not bad, they are almost indistinguishable from the original.

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