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Daddy’s Gift To Mommy

A golden Neocube flower. It can’t really stand on this stem, but it’s still very beautiful.

Daddy's Gift To Mommy

4 thoughts on “Daddy’s Gift To Mommy

  1. These golden balls look very beautiful!

    1. We chose three sets – silver, gold and blue. Blue in reality turned out to be slightly different from silver – only under bright light some shade is visible. It now even began to turn black, which upset me very much. But in general, when all the colors are mixed, it looks very nice – everything glitters in the light, and one color smoothly blend into another. The balls made such a splash in the whole family that I didn’t have time to just take pictures – everyone snatched balls from each other. And if you move even one ball a little – the whole picture changes at once and new ideas arise.

      1. It looks so pretty!

        1. Wait, a blue set?!?! Can you show it?

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