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EDTOY Architectural Set Pieces

EDTOY Smart Block – all pieces from the set.

EDTOY Architectural Set Pieces

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  1. The height of the column is 2.4 in, the diameter is 0.8 in. The side of the cube is 1.2 in. The details are not large, but not small either. The quality are excellent. A pleasant combination of 2 shades of wood – natural and red. The are connect easily and firmly, you can lift the craft and move it around, and even play with the assembled animal, for example. The parts crack when you connect them (built-in magnets make this sound) – this causes even more interest in children. It is very difficult to distract them from manipulations with these nice details 🙂 There are not so many parts, only 34, but this set caused only the most positive emotions.

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