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Edtoy Gears – Davinci Block Gear

The set contains 21 pieces. 11 of them are gears of 4 colors, both large and small.
The first thing the kids did when they opened the kit was to build a chain and try twisting and turning it. Everything connects and spins perfectly. Sometimes small gears fly out of the chain on high speed, but we put them back immediately.
At first, I was biased towards this set. I thought that it would be uninteresting, a one-time set for a couple of crafts. But the set turned out to be very entertaining and always in demand.
With 2 Edtoy Davinci Block Gear sets, we also added cubes, cones, halves of cylinders, pyramids and tubular parts in our Edtoy arsenal.

Another craft from this set.

Edtoy Gears - Davinci Block Gear
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