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EDTOY In The Hands Of Kids

It is almost impossible to tear the youngest son away from this. Connection of bright and large details occupies him for a long time.

EDTOY In The Hands Of Kids

2 thoughts on “EDTOY In The Hands Of Kids

  1. We are delighted with the crafts of the young builder, the Car-Tower is wonderful, well done Arkhip !!! Willy was very surprised, how could a kid who had not yet learned to speak be able to build such a tower?! I had to explain that while still sitting in my mother’s tummy, he heard that something interesting was waiting for him 🙂 a lot of fascinating building sets, so as soon as I was born, I didn’t waste time talking and immediately got to work!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yes, yes, something like that – he has no time to talk, there are too many interesting things around :)))

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