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EDTOY Korean Car Building Kits

The very first, most famous and most popular product of the Korean company EDTOY is multi-part magnetic cars. The magnets rotate freely, attaching the parts the way the young builder wants, and not the way the magnetic pole dictates.
During all these years, EDTOY produced dozens of vehicles – from a bulldozer and a concrete mixer to a tank and a helicopter.
The crane is the largest machine on the manufacturer’s website.

EDTOY Korean Car Building Kits

4 thoughts on “EDTOY Korean Car Building Kits

  1. Such cool cars! Maybe we will bouy some 🙂

    1. The cars are cute, but making a collection can be expensive… But I really liked the wooden version with fancy pieces and Architecture 🙂 and Picasso’s cubes.

      1. I immediately liked the “Big Wooden Magnetic Construction Set EDTOY”))) But its price easily left behind Anker, and I thought that there was nowhere to jump higher already 🙂 This no longer a set, it’s a luxury item…

        1. Yes, the set is Korean, but its prices are Swiss :))) Fatbraintoys has more affordable kits, and I finally decided to buy Architecture set 🙂 I’ll write my impressions in a couple of weeks 🙂 I didn’t consider cars yet 🙂 as the plastic version too. But it’s beautiful, high-quality, and interesting (we held it in our hands and played with it) but we decided to not buy them for now :))) Picasso cubes are also available separately. I saw them on for 130 dollars.

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