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EDTOY Large Wooden Magnetic Building Set

Unusual shapes for a building kit, dark and light wood tones, strong magnets. The manufacturer recommends to use this wooden set with others seys from the Magnetic Teaching Tool series – Architecture, Animals, Castle, Picasso’s cubes.

EDTOY Large Wooden Magnetic Building Set

6 thoughts on “EDTOY Large Wooden Magnetic Building Set

  1. Tatiana, tell me, I couldn’t find anywhere how many parts this set has. Do you happen to know?

    1. EDTOY MAGNETIC WOODEN BLOCK SET 348128 or Wooden Magnetic Teaching Tools and Cubes. 120 wooden parts, 25 cubes with pictures of Fold a pattern type, a wheelset + 4 wheels (but some sites say that the set has 8 of them – so, 4×2. In different sources, the final numbers ranges from 142 to 158 parts :))) But 120 + 25 + wheels seems more realistic for me 🙂

      1. Tatiana, thanks for the quick reply. I think you describe different sets. The photo shows EDTOY W90010, and there is also MAGNETIC WOODEN BLOCK SET 348128. Maybe it has some different pieces, what do you think?

        1. I meant a large set of natural shades with 3 different sets of blocks and a large wheelset + Picasso cubes also in natural shades (Edtoy also has a multi-colored version of both parts and cubes). Probably this is the set that is sold like EDTOY W90010. But it confuses me, because in most photos there are no Picasso cubes. They are only in the main photo, but none of the presented models have them. This main picture – like here in the Encyclopedia – appears on many sites, but who knows what actually lies behind it… If you count the pieces, you’ll see what there are 142 = 116 pcs + wheel set + 25 cubes. It is possible that there are kits with a different configuration, which may include additional 4 wheels, then you get the mentioned 120 parts 🙂
          Next thing is the size. In some Korean blocks I read that the cubes are 2 in in size (like Da Vinci plastic blocks). But you know that the wooden parts are smaller, so I doubt it. Either the Korean blogger made a mistake (but there was a photo !!!) or the Koreans have big wooden parts, which would be strange … I haven’t found any mention of block sizes on Chinese sites. What information do you have? Let’s figure it out together 🙂

          1. Tatiana, I also searched and found a detiled description of a set with the same pieces only on Chinese sites. You mentioned it as EDTOY MAGNETIC WOODEN BLOCK SET 348128, here it is listed under the article number 90010 with a box layout. Apparently, this is still the same set, it only has a different photo with building options. I also found another assembly option with the same details and another way of general construction. I also think these details have a size based on 1.2 in. You can confirm it only by buying it, however.

  2. After I carefully examined the pictures of the parts in the children’s hands, I got the impression that the size of the cubes is visually slightly larger than 1.2 in. But 2 in (like Da Vinci plastic parts) in small hands would look bigger. So we can assume that the size is 1.6 in, but this is just my guess and I could be wrong.

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