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Edtoy Smart Block Automobile – Box And Parts

The box is large – 11×2.75×14.5 in. The box itself is not suitable for storage. In fact, it’s not even a box, but more like a frame for blocks beautifully laid under transparent plastic. So you’ll need a storage box for this set.
I gave 2 car sets to younger sons, who are 3 years and 18 months old. With 2 sets that they won’t argue over the wheels and have the opportunity to make a locomotive with a wagon, a car with a trailer, a large truck, and any other vehicles with more than 4 wheels.
We liked the set, but it suddenly turned out to be more difficult (my personal opinion) than the similar Edtoy architectural set.
There are a lot of specific car parts in EDTOY Smart Block Automobile – beveled cubes, different types of round parts, l-shaped parts, radiators, roofs, pipes. So you can develop your own car for hours and it will always be different from your previous or brother’s car. With 2 sets, the variability increases. It’s great, but it’s too early for my boys. But in 2 years, I think Afonya will show us her models of new cars. In my opinion, the set will be a godsend for a young motorist aged 5-9 years old.
But that variety of details, of course, is not a minus of this set. On the contrary, they looked at the pieces, compared them, built, experimented and had fun. And they added Tegu cubes and planks to the crafts.

Here are some crafts boys made.

Edtoy Smart Block Automobile - Box And Parts
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