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EDTOY Wooden Car

Made from EDTOY Architecture wooden set. We build two models from one set of pieces: hood – trunk, trunk – hood + a pair of headlights, the wheels spin perfectly when the car is moving.

EDTOY Wooden Car

2 thoughts on “EDTOY Wooden Car

  1. It’s a Jeep! – declared our Afonya authoritatively and demanded the same beautiful car 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

    1. Thank you! I passed it on to Willy, he was very pleased to hear from the boy he saw on the computer screen few pages ago. I bought these 2 architectural sets just in time. After Willy built these cars almost independently (I offered him to swap front and rear and add headlights), I also bought a set of ED SM Automobiles, hoping that with a variety of additional parts, he would have more ideas for building. Even though my son never was this interested in cars, I still tried it, what if he weill make something else… but then Da Vinci settled in the house.

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