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Fire Truck

The model attracted us with a fire hose – in fact, its a metal wire with magnetic ends in a flexible plastic case. It can be a straight line, curve, polyline, circle and any other line.

Fire Truck

5 thoughts on “Fire Truck

  1. They are still available for the purchase 🙂

    1. Great blocks! But bying them now was a problem even for you, I doubt we will find them.

      1. I saw Genii Creation for the first time on, it was presented there as a SMART Korean set and cost a lot, and with the shipment, it was just golden :(((But I took notice 🙂 In 2011 it was presented on Nuremberg toy exhibition, and after that, it made its way to Europe… There are also Chinese copies and similar Korean blocks 🙂

        1. I will try to find Chinese copies as well… And what are those Korean sets you’ve mentioned?

          1. Korean sets like Toyda-iRingo and Haenim block, first of all. I also saw Korean blocks like Duplo, but only on the Internet.

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