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GEOMAG is a Swiss toy brand, specializing on magnetic building kits.

Most GEOMAG building kits contail magnetic rods and contacting balls, and often there are extra panels which can fill space between the rods in assembled structures. This way, toys made from GEOMAG pieces look not just like hollow shapes, but more like actual solid items. Some kits also contain special parts like wheels. Pro-L is a more advanced version of these kits, with big number of pieces and strong magnets.

Another type of GEOMAG building toys are sets with cubic blocks which can connect to each other in any direction. These sets are mostly intended for the younger children, so they have fewer, but bigger pieces.

There are also GEOMAG KOR series of toys, with blocks centered around magnetic core creating animal-like shapes. Children may reassemble those pieces in any way they like, creating new fantastic creatures.

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