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Geomag Baby – Geomag for Toddlers

There are several Geomag sets available for toddlers, and we’ve had a set with the sea animals (Geomag Baby Sea) in our bathroom for about 3 years now. The kids enjoy playing with it, magnetically attaching the pieces to the edge of the bathtub. We recently added a set with a sorting lid to our collection. It includes a total of 7 pieces, including the lid. Initially, we let our younger son play with it on dry land, but the box turned out to be very fragile, made of cardboard, and was immediately crumpled. As a result, the plastic lid with the 6 pieces found its way into the bathtroom and joined the sea animals. This way, we have more pieces, making the playtime more diverse, and the sorting aspect is also enjoyable.

Geomag Baby - Geomag for Toddlers
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