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The set is small, it has only 37 parts – 13 glow sticks 58 mm long, 10 steel balls, 7 transparent panels – 6 triangular and 1 pentagonal, and 7 pictures with a pattern. We collected the suggested bat and the younger ones played with it in the dark. It’s possible to build a pyramid with spooky eyes or a spider’s web as well. The structure holds together well and glows brightly, it’s a pity the camera was useless in the dark. The set is compatible with other sets from the GEOMAG KIDS Color and the GEOMAG KIDS Panels series – there are also 58 mm sticks and the same large panels.


2 thoughts on “GEOMAG KIDS GLOW

  1. Wow, such expressive “faces”! Impressive)))))

    1. We bought it because of these faces 🙂 It’s a pity that you can appreciate their expressiveness only in the dark, so we stopped at a small set for now. It’s more for fun than play. But we liked the pentagonal panel.

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