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Geomag Rubik’s Cube

A Rubic’s cube made by Arisha (6 years old).

Geomag Rubik's Cube

6 thoughts on “Geomag Rubik’s Cube

  1. What a cube!!! Is it heavy?

    1. It is heavy 🙂 Built from the third attempt. First, we made the frame, and then covered it with plates, but the cube fell apart. So we build the last version floor by floor and reinforced inside with transparent plates for greater strength. We did it back in June and it stood with us for a very long time as a house for small animals 🙂 We dismantled it wonderfully, too – dropped it from a 2-foot height, but Geomag turned out to be very strong, not a single piece fell off 🙂

      1. It must have gone down nicely. :)) Did you film it?

        1. No, unfortunately, we didn’t… We should make the slo-mo video, so you would have seen how beautifully the multi-colored plates scatter :))) In the fast version everything was very fast :)))

  2. Wow, what a building! Very impressive!!!

    1. Thank you!

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