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Ginimag Car – Korean Magformers

There are 8 large wheels, large rectangles, squares, triangles, semicircles – 68 parts in total. The set also contains red plastic cylinders, white connectors for them and gears, which, in my opinion, are somewhat out of place in this magnetic constructor. Besides, they are extremely similiar to the parts from the Klikko constructor, which suggests the Chinese origin of the Ginimag constructor . We have no complaints about magnetic parts, but the wheel connections leave much to be desired – they break. And that’s it, you can throw the wheel out. Red cylinders and gears did not impress children, they are put in a separate bag and are used very rarely. We simply mixed the rest of the Ginimag parts with the original Magformers ones and use them together in buildings – for example, in the illustrations for the Crow and the Fox below.

Ginimag Car - Korean Magformers
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