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Johny’s Shield

These magnetic pieces hold together in layers well enough to create this futuristic shield.

Johny's Shield

7 thoughts on “Johny’s Shield

  1. Beautiful! Is it two shields build separately and than “stick” to each other?

    1. No, he attached pieces to each other like that right away. The magnets hold really well.

  2. Yes, it turned out beautiful! I look at John and remember that my younger Alesya also prefers hexagons in the game with this constructor. Folds them into patterns and turrets. And drags them behind her like a train.

    1. Thank you. It’s effective with minimum effort. Johny likes to stack elements into towers and call them houses. Kids want more pieces to play with…

      1. I perfectly understand your children in terms of additional pieces… Mike, what sets did you purchase? Did you choose any color?

        1. I also understand them, but … it’s not budget friendly. I wanted to buy the Carnival set (there is a rich color palette), but it was out of stock back then, so I bought three basic ones – Magformers XL/Cruisers, Magformers-62 and Magformers-20.

  3. We also purchased this set. Daughter loved it too! We also we enjoyed your photos.

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