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Kid Knex Undersea Friends – Undersea World

This set has 48 kid-sized pieces, including 2-inch-wide red star and stick with length of different lengh between 2 and 9 in. New items include collapsible men compatible with Duplo blocks, bunches of algae, which you can use as an original hairstyle or fins of an fantastic fish . The set also includes 6 in long flexible purple rods, previously Kid Knex produced only red flexible 9 in long rods. The remaining details – flippers, eyes, blocks – will help you create your own underwater world and populate it with magic creatures.

Kid Knex Undersea Friends - Undersea World

1 thought on “Kid Knex Undersea Friends – Undersea World

  1. Great set!!! We bought one ourselves recenly on amazon, it’s a pity K’Nex is harder to find in IRL stores.

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