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Kid’s K

All the pieces in the Baby K”nex are large, colorful and pleasant to the touch. The shape is the same as in its bigger brother – the K”nex sets. I bought 2 sets for my younger daughters just before the trip, so they tried out the construction set outdoors. The creatures are quite cute and recognizable. The parts fit together easily. We liked it.

Kid's K

4 thoughts on “Kid’s K

  1. I have only purchased one baby set so far. I thought it was for my youngest son, but the eldest son grabbed the set for himself. We got a very pleasant impression. Even the small amount of detail does not disappoint. With these corrugated tubes, there are so many possibilities hidden in them…

    1. Eh, I didn’t have time to buy the one with thr corrugated tubes. Does anybody know where to find this set?

      1. Ebay often has the older sets Amazon and other e-stores don’t offer anymore.

        1. I just heard that K’Nex doesn’t make this set anymore.

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