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Kid K’Nex dream butterfly and catterpiler.


12 thoughts on “K’NEX DREAM

  1. Does the monk dreams about being a butterfly, or is he a butterfly who thinks it’s a monk?

    1. It looks so pretty! So you are now too obsessed with K’Nex? Here is another dream…

      1. So many butterflies and caterpillars! Such a good set… so it has Tadpole, Frog, 2D Caterpillar, 3D Caterpillar, Butterfly, Moth, Egg, Chicken, and Flower. Great! Falls right in the transformations in the nature theme. And the manufacturers clearly use all their imagination to sell K’Nex…

        1. By the way, the Miniscule cartoons also have an interesting episode about a caterpillar’s dream.

  2. Great! We just read about the Donkey who wanted to be a butterfly. Can you make a scene about it? Jane, are your insects from Kid K’Nex educational sets?

    1. Ha! Donkey will probably be a very symbolic one… And no, this is not Kid K’Nex eductional sets, I just learned about their existence from Tatiana 🙂 We have a bucket of pals and two sets from Amazon. All pieces are mixed together, I don’t remember what came from where :-))

      1. Jane – you totally can make a donkey. You already have the most important piece – the long blue ears.

        1. I’m already trying! I also need a fitting face! 🙂

  3. Here is the donkey I made.

    1. Looks like it’s a new species of Donkey – a triumphing Donkey.

      1. Yes, I didn’t want to make a sad one.

  4. Jane, can you make a photo showing the Donkey and the Dog FROM BEHIND? I’m still trying to figure out how you fixed the Donkey’s head to the body. Same for the Dog. I see an orange piece poking from under its nose, but can’t understand how you used it to connect the pieces.

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