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K’Nex Railroad Pals

Well made set with sprockets, rods, wheels and blocks – 58 pieces in total. It proposes 20 models to build – steam locomotives, trolleys, rail layers, semaphores. There are also some creatures that are not directly related to the railway, but live in forests, fields and swamps, spread out on both sides of the railway track. For us, the set was an additional one – it attracted a nice steam locomotive to our collection. We assembled it and rolled it around with great pleasure. I also liked the blue blocks included in the set, which are compatible with Lego Duplo. Younger daughters enjoy using these blocks along with Knex parts and Duplo. From this set they built the K’Nex Bird – I made a separate post obout it. The lid deserves its own description – it has several holes into which you can insert a rod or place, for example, a small bird on one leg or hoist a flag.

K'Nex Railroad Pals
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