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A locomotive made from an older American construction set – plastic blocks with colorful metal inserts and a magnet. The wheels can rotate.

locomotive made from an older American construction set

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  1. We also have such a set with a slightly different configuration. Our relatives passed it to us as kind of heritage, but there were no longer magnets in the base block for the wheels, and, unfortunately, you can’t build a moving car.

    1. How interesting! Who made it? Can I see the crafts? :))) And in our set, the magnet is in the wheel, not in the base.

      1. I don’t even know who made it, but the pieces are very similar. Only on your details in the center of the magnet you can see something like a mount for it, but ours don’t have it. One of these days we will build something, I will definitely post it. And how the wheels hold to the base? I don’t know what was there. Maybe there are metal plates inside? Maybe I will be able to bring the base back to life…

        1. And I have seen similar blocks with magnets not only from America, there is also an Eastern European version 🙂 And the sizes are different. Some time ago Alesya wanted – this is one of her favorite sets – to buy more parts, but it turned out that our size is smaller. The wheel itself is plastic, blue, and the colored circle is metal, thin, and glued on. A wheel has the shape of a mushroom – with a stem, this stem with a magnet at the end is inserted into a hole in the base, and there is a small metal circle glued in the hole. This is how a spinning wheel turns 🙂

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