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Magna Bugs

And this is a magnetic constructor for those who like to make bugs and spiders.

Magna Bugs

12 thoughts on “Magna Bugs

  1. An interesting set! And the beetle is huge!

  2. Tell me, please, does this constructor have glowing eyes, and are there any sound effects?

    1. No, there are no extra effects…

      1. Do not consider my previous question strange, but we wanted to buy this set online. The description says that insects have glowing eyes and they make sounds. can you check, please, what is exact name and manufacturer of your set? And what can you say about the quality? Thank you.

        1. Jane77, I’m just shocked, honestly. I bought these bugs three years ago, and it never tрought to to read the instructions :))). You can actually insert two small flat batteries into their heads. I apologize for the involuntary lies, I really was 100% sure that there was nothing like that. I like the quality. Magnets are strong. Overall I like this toy.

          1. Thank you, I want to buy this set as a gift for my son. He is obsessed with bugs.

  3. Jane, and another question: what material are the insects and spiders made of?

    1. They are made of plastic. But there are good magnets, as I said, so you can turn the legs / horns / heads and they will stay in the position you put them in. The set also includes a cocoon, it is made of some kind of slimy material, if you put the opposite walls together, they stick to each other. Thank you for helping us discover something new in our toys :))

      1. Cocoon is amazing! Thanks for the detailed answers. I think we will buy them before the holidays. Jane, if it’s not a secret, is the topic of insects relevant for you too?

        1. More like animals in general. The specific area changes regularly, depending on events. In the summer, insects were in favor, probably because they are easy to observe for a long time, unlike squirrels who immediately run away. And we saw a bunny and an moose once :)) We even went for a walk with an identifier book of insects :)) And now we went to the Paleontological museum and fell in love with dinosaurs and mammoths :)) I loved animals very much as a child, I had a lot of books and figurines left, but somehow no insect toys. It still seems unusual to me, when I buy them. We now have Magna Bugs, Bloco, Mindz, we also have a solar-powered insect robot, but this is more for the summer :)))

  4. Here are some other beetles found: link.

    1. Jane, thank you very much. We know the Legends of Nara, I don’t even try to buy them. The insects are small and pricey, but yes, of course, they move.

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