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Magnet building blocks for babies – Magnet Blocks

We have this old construction set. It was released in the USA in the 80s by the Hilco corporation. It is designed for very young children. The parts are made of plastic with colorful metal inserts and a magnet on one side. There aren’t many of them, but it’s sufficient for the experiments of a 2-3-year-old child. You can build a little car, and it will move, or a pyramid, and something else suitable for toddlers. – Tatiana Zheglova.

Magnet building blocks for babies - Magnet Blocks

2 thoughts on “Magnet building blocks for babies – Magnet Blocks

  1. Cars are fun! And the wheels look like caps 🙂 The idea is good and the set looks easy to assemble! Are the wheels just on a magnet, or is there an axle there? If the car is moving, then the wheels must be spinning!

    1. And they are spinning! There are no axles, they are attached to the recesses in the machine body only with a magnet.

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