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Magnetix Skyscrapers – Magna World City

Very nice vintage series from 2004-2005. The pieces of this constructor are blocks with windows and fragments of skyscrapers in silver and gold. The parts are connected using built-in magnets and the children can build their own city. There is also a Clock Tower set in the same series.

Magnetix Skyscrapers - Magna World City

4 thoughts on “Magnetix Skyscrapers – Magna World City

  1. WOW!!!!!

  2. Tatiana, do you happen to know if the complex in the photo was built from one set, or from several? And what is the name of the set with the Tower?

    1. I must say right away – this is not our craft. I posted the photo for clarity and information. This is one set – Magnetix MagnaWorld City. In the same series they have Magnetix MagnaWorld Rescue Center, Magnetix MagnaWorld Airport and Magnetix MagnaWorld MagnaTower. The blocks are small. The window is about 0.5 inch. I can’t say for sure right now. We have a very modest set – Magnetix MagnaWorld Magna Town Square (the one with a clock tower).

      1. THANK YOU! I will go and check it out 🙂

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