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Manetico Train

Of the details of the kit, we liked the cylinders, high posts, roof elements. At first, children didn’t know what to make of the little men. The figurines are standing, and, unlike Duplo, they cannot sit. But now children are used to it. The train is the favorite theme of the youngest daughter.

Manetico Train

12 thoughts on “Manetico Train

  1. Great! The pieces are somewhat similar to the constructor from Štaflík a Špagetka cartoon. Every time we watch a cartoon we think that if this set was sold, they would buy it. 🙂

    1. Jane, can you tell in which episode? For some reason I can remember only the pipes…

      1. The episode is simply called “Constructor”. I’ll try to take a picture of the constructor 🙂

        1. Thank you! It really looks like it, I would like to have such magnetic arches in our collection:))) And seems like I forgot this cartoons. I remember it from my childhood, and yesterday my younger daughters scrolled through a few fragments on the Internet, they liked it. We’ll have to get us a Staflik and Spagetka :)))

          1. We like these series. However, so far we have only watched half of it, and there are 26 episodes in total.

  2. Yeah, as soon as I decided that I stockpiled enough magnetic construction sets (which my children love so much), I see this…

    1. Yup, my children also absolutely love them, so we consider each magnetic building kit or mosaic very thoroughly.

  3. Hello. Girls, I searched the entire Amazon. Do you know, by chance, if it is sold in USA?

    1. No, nobody sells it right now. One company would easily deliver it overseas, but the minimum purchase lot is 1 cargo container.

      1. Thank you. I’ll try to order it from Germany.

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