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Mastering The EDTOY Constructor

I regret that I didn’t order 2 architecture sets at once, because we would like to have more details. The details are well crafted, smooth and pleasant to hold. I liked the combination of shades of wood – red and natural. The magnets are strong, the youngest son (16 months) tirelessly makes figures from several pieces and they stick together! In this case, you don’t need to select the pole of the magnet, the pieces connect with a soft click, which also gives a certain pleasure.

Mastering The EDTOY Constructor

3 thoughts on “Mastering The EDTOY Constructor

  1. What a great piece size! In this photo, it even feels more real than in the previous one with a knight from Playmobile. It is very convenient for a child’s hand. For some reason I thought that this constructor is smaller. The young magnetic tester is so concentrated 🙂 So cute!

    1. On the contrary, I thought that details would be a little larger. But this size is quite convenient, especially for small hands. And our main magnetic tester is very fond of magnetic construction kits. Now he actively uses Magformers, Magneticus blocks, Japanese balls and sticks like Bornimago. He also had a wooden Tegu, but it immediately faded into the background after the appearance of this architectural set.

      1. Well, of course, this one has more interesting pieces. Here you have ladders and different cloves 🙂

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