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News From Launching Pad

Final preparations before the flight. Made from EDTOY Da Vinci series.

News From Launching Pad

2 thoughts on “News From Launching Pad

  1. Woooooooow! This is how it happens, you go on vacation… and here it is !!! Wonderful! Our admiration for the rocket builder! Judging by the photo, he himself is satisfied with the work well done :))))

    1. Thank you Tatiana! I passed it on to Willy, he was very pleased that you liked it too! For a whole week, Willy had endless inspiration, he just built and built. In the process of construction, as always, he did not even allow me to look at the process, he showed only finished buildings. Of course, it was interesting and every time I was surprised, because I expected to see somegthing, but for some reason it was always completely different feom what I expected, and I never guessed what it is. Such an unusually amazing building set.

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