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Opening of Spring Navigation

The ice melted, and the ships can sail once more. Made from EDTOY Da Vinci series.

Opening of Spring Navigation

3 thoughts on “Opening of Spring Navigation

  1. Beautiful ship! So bright and definitely has the spring spirit…

    1. THANK YOU! The ship is 2-deck, 20 inch long, only without a lifebuoy 🙁 Willy really wanted to make it, but unfortunately, there was no suitable rounded small parts in any of our sets. The rounded Magnetix parts were categorically rejected by the builder because they were too thin. This is how the ship set off only with those who could swim on board, and those two in the photo, who never learned to swim, remained on the shore and see her off. So, this is a sad story of one ship …

      1. This story is really sad only is for those who can’t swim 🙂 and the ship herself is very cheerful 🙂

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