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Plastwood – Piccoli Mondi – Castle And Dragon

We assembled the front wall from gray and middle bronze parts, as well as a drawbridge. The balls for connection to the side walls and windows were installed by the manufacturer. There are also two red towers. You place them on top of a special cross-shaped ledge, but they fall off very easily. Since the walls are held together by only four magnets (two on each side), this entire structure falls apart into five parts under attack (3 walls and two towers). There was also a large cardboard box, which did not survive to this day.
The set also included little people and animals. I don’t know how many there were originally, because we bought few new pieces later. Read more about the structure of a figurines below.
There is also a horse and a dragon (torso, four legs, head, tail). Plus, there is a saddle (again, it is not magnetic). Moreover, in the case of a dragon, the saddle and the wings are one piece, so the dragon is either wingless or saddled. Of course, you can change bodies, heads and legs, but ypu can’t remove the helmets from the head of the knights. All this holds together well, you can move it back and forth, even lift it by the head, nothing falls off, however, sometimes the legs part.

Plastwood - Piccoli Mondi - Castle And Dragon
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