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Playmags – Magnetic Panels And Grids On Wheels

After we received our Magnetic Stick N Stack set with wheels, we found another version of Magna-Tiles on the Internet – the Playmags magnetic kit. Visually, we liked it. First of all, because of 4 potential vehicles and the original “fence” elements, from which you can build a frame for a truck, and a fence on a farm, and lay rails for a train. Now we are thinking…

Playmags - Magnetic Panels And Grids On Wheels

3 thoughts on “Playmags – Magnetic Panels And Grids On Wheels

  1. Tatiana, please share a link to the Playmags constructor. Where did you order it?

    1. On I also ordered another option – Magnetic Stick N Stack. I did it just out of interest, to check will fit or not in Magna-Tiles.

  2. I can express my attitude to this set in one word – MIRACLE!!! First, there are 4 cars or wagons at once, they interlock with each other, are pleasant to the touch and multi-colored, they ride perfectly. And second, there are gratings, which we did not have yet, you can build both a fence and a paddock from them, but most importantly – rails!!! Third, this is an additional set to the ones we already have, which means more crafts and more creativity. All parts have good quality.

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