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Plumber Robot

A robot with pipe cleaning tools. Made from EDTOY Da Vinci series.

Plumber Robot

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  1. Great! We checked all your crafts with great attention and interest! Thank you! Mary, what Da Vinci sets did you buy? Please share your impressions 🙂

    1. Thank you Tatyana for telling us about these amazing sets! The impressions are the best: the pieces connect to each other perfectly, the colors and quality are pleasing to the eye, it’s a sea of inexhaustible ideas for creativity! Willy put aside even his beloved EDTOY Smart Bloсk, his interest completely switched to ED Da Vinci, which he now has as an N1 toy and which he asked never to give to anyone, but to leave it to his children :), this is my son’s assessment.
      This set is really unique, maybe even the best of the best!!! At first I thought that the cost is too high, but just as you wrote, the set really justifies its price. We bought a total of 13 sets, 4 Aircraft and Farm sets each, 2 Gear and Automobile sets, and 1 H set, but so far only 8 sets have been put into operation, the rest are still waiting to be used. I think I will post more of Willy’s crafts soon.

      1. 13 sets!!! Cool! In fact, there are never too many pieces 🙂 Now I understand where that number of cubes come from 🙂 Honestly, I like the transparent version more, it’s, like, brighter and more fun… I yhink about the gears differently now, I think it’s worth buying sets with gears after all, if only because of other interesting details. As for sets, yes, it’s better to have at least 2 each. We understood this from our expirience with the architectural set, so we bought at least 2 of the next sets. Edtoy fascinates and captivates kids, their desire to create never dries out. And it will last for a long time, from 1 to 10 years for sure 🙂 and adults like it, our dad, who is allergic to construction kits :))) highly appreciated it. But it is very difficult to choose between wood or plastic 🙂

        1. It just seems that there are a lot of sets, but when Willy starts building, there is an acute lack of variety of parts and it takes a long time to find options to implement his plan. I really regret that I didn’t buy 4 sets, and not 2 Automobiles. Now I can only order from overseas, but still there is a hope that the Chinese will soon clone the set. More and more new sets we didn’t have before appear on Tao, so there is a demand :), despite the high price, which means there will definitely be a worthy offer!!! I also really liked the transparent cheerful candy-gummy color 🙂 Although the wooden one is good, it turns out that you need even more than 2 sets of these because of the connecting parts. I can understand your dad… but our dad also has allergies, and also toxicosis, but my son and I are fine, we only have a minor DA VINCI addiction , but it is very successfully treated :)!

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