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I’ve been thinking for almost a year about which of the Kid K’nex sets with bricks to buy so that it would be interesting for all children. My youngest daughter resolved my doubts – she chose a set with cars in the store. A good set, like everything from the children’s series. The bricks added a lot of fun and variety. For several days Alesya did not let anyone near this toy, carefully putting the parts away in a cute blue suitcase. And then, when she realized that she can add other parts and Duplo bricks to these cars, she allowed us to put the car parts into a common box. And now we hold the sweets in the blue suitcase.


3 thoughts on “RACETRACK BUDDIES

  1. Tatiana, are they compatible with Lego Duplo?

    1. Yes, Lego Duplo and Kid K’Nex bricks are compatible – there is an explanation and photo in this very section. And also you can find some mixed crafts in the Lego Duplo section, like a kitchen from the Lego Duplo and Kid K’Nex sets.

      1. The Kid Knex Roary series with cars is not only compatible with Lego Duplo, but also adapted to wooden railroads – the cars have a special adapter for driving on wooden rails.

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