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Self-Portrait With Long Hair

‘Geoformes Animaux’ – magnetic mosaic with large details. One of the youngest daughter’s favorite mosaics. We bought it exclusively for her with the expectation that this mosaic will occupy her during the long car trips. The goal was achieved and the mosaic has been traveling with us for the second year already. The magnets are strong, the details hold tight, it’s easy to play. On the one half of the large tablet, she places the pieces, and the other half becames a clear field for creativity. You can play with someone, too. Despite the fact that the proposed samples depict animals, of course, from the details, you can put together mosaics depicting anything – 5-year-old Alesya painted her self-portrait.

Self-Portrait With Long Hair

2 thoughts on “Self-Portrait With Long Hair

  1. Well, it looks like her indeed! Well done Alesya!

    1. Thank you!

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