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The “Castle” Magnetic Building Kit – The Box

The box of the magnetic Castle set.

The “Castle” Magnetic Building Kit - The Box

3 thoughts on “The “Castle” Magnetic Building Kit – The Box

  1. Jane, thank you for the find! We have a soft spot for magnetic construction sets, so we are very interested 🙂 Although there is a Geomag castle in stashed somewhere, now we also want this one 🙂 But one set is really not enough, probably 5 sets, at least you need to have it to make the castle complete . And how strong are the magnets, do the panels hold well?

    1. The most valuable things in this “Castle” set, in my opinion, are unusual plastic parts – in addition to the castle walls, there is also a pipe, a tip, two elongated roofs, one dome and two small towers. The panels hold well (and if you remove the original sticks and replace them with at least Bornimago, which are a little stronger, they hold even better). The Geomag set should be just beautiful (I think so))) – I haven’t held the Geomag in my hands yet)))))) In my previous magnetic constructors, panels didn’t really work out… They fell out in one place, then in another… So I just hid them and we played only with magnetic sticks and balls. I checked one set and bought a second one. We decided to build the facade of the castle with those Castle panels, and than build other walls just with basic geometric panels.

      1. Thank you! I also liked the original plastic parts and I think that my girls will like it too. They are more interesting than just multi-colored geometric ones, multi-colored towers and pyramids are kind of boring to build, especially since not all panels hold well. In Geomag sets there are large (2.5 in) plastic and cardboard inserts in transparent parts. My children have huge interest in such buildings 🙂 We even picked some little knights to the magnetic castle 🙂 I will try to post it in the nearest future 🙂

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