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The Catcher

X and Y pieces combined to create someone who catches something…

The Catcher

3 thoughts on “The Catcher

  1. A real joy for lovers of polyhedrons and architectural structures! Do the magnets hold up well? Have you tried to build some insects, animals, or vertical structures?

    1. Magnets hold up really well – you can throw an assembled ball from hand to hand. The vertical thing does not quite work out – the details are curved. But we did the patterns on a horizontal surface. Somehow it happened that middle daughter and the eldest son are the ones whow play with these 2 “balls” the most, and they prefer geometry, symmetry, abstraction, patterns… I’ll try to attract the younger ones, and they love animals, so maybe they will make something .

      1. I checked the author’s site – it turns out that if you add Star-Ball, Y-Ball and X-Ball together, you can get an almost complete version of the magnetic geometric constructor! And even more, it will be very interesting to make models of honeycomb buildings, frame forms of various means of transport and, of course, sculptural compositions at school lessons! You need only to add the “-“, “T”, “+”, “G” pieces and the CUBE corner piece ( its like Tykon fasteners) and you’ll get a new masterpiece of thought and design!

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