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The Magnetic Castle Construction Set – Combination With Bornimago

In the photo, the green straight rods and the red curved ones are from Bornimago, while the plastic panels are from the “Castle” construction set. The construction set pieces combine well with the magnetic rods from Bornimago, except for the plastic half-circle pieces (a separate blue piece in the photo). To fit this piece, you need the original curved rods from the “Castle” construction set: they are either slightly shorter or slightly thinner than the Bornimago ones (I haven’t figured it out yet), but the piece made with the original “Castle” rods doesn’t fall off.

The Magnetic Castle Construction Set - Combination With Bornimago

2 thoughts on “The Magnetic Castle Construction Set – Combination With Bornimago

  1. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  2. We sent the original straight rods from the Castle magnetic constructor to the far shelf after the building of the first castle. The magnets in them are weak, the colors – green, purple and yellow – did not suit us, they don’t go well with the proposed plates of pink and pale lilac colors. I had to leave only arc-shaped rods, because the original semi-circular plastic parts can only be combined with them. Instead of straight rods, we took multi-colored rods from the Magtastic set (although they are labeled as XMAG). With these rods, we solved several problems at once – the magnets in the Magtastik rods are stronger, so the plates hold on tighter, the colors of the rods match the colors of the panels, the number of rods has increased to a sufficient level. The most valuable thing in this constructor is indeed the plates with windows, turrets and a dome, we liked them!

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