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The Ship – Willy, 4 years old

He built it all by himself, I only fixed the mast position compared to the desk.

The Ship - Willy, 4 years old

3 thoughts on “The Ship – Willy, 4 years old

  1. This is such a wonderful ship! Its so huge! We’ll take it into our playbook, because all we have now are trains and steam locomotives 🙂

  2. The length is more than 20 inches. IRL ship looked more interesting, the angle of the photo did not come out very well, but my son is glad that you liked it. We are pleased that we purchased this construction set, thanks to your story. it’s a pity that we didn’t do this earlier, but better late than never. It turned out to be very attractive and not only because of its magnetic properties, but also because of interesting “finds”.
    Thank you, Tatiana, for the time spent for us and for your work in the development of our children! It is a pity that not many mothers know about the BuildKitPedia, this saved many from unnecessary meaningless one-day purchases of toys. And we found many valuable building toys that can entertain a child for more than one month or even a year, and most importantly set him up for positive creation. I am happy, that we “found” you, and I’m glad that I’m not the only one!

    1. Thank you, Marina – it’s very nice to read words of gratitude 🙂 The constructor is good, its age range is difficult to determine clearly, in our family girls of 8-10 years old also play it, they really like it 🙂

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