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The Wild Ones  – Wild Animals

Another very cute set of Kid K’Nex. The suitcase, by the way, doesn’t close very tightly. The set has octagonal plates for creating wild animals – like tiger, zebra, leopard… Some corrugated tubes. An interesting blue piece you can make a beak of a toucan or a rhinoceros horn – in our photo this is the body of a snail on the right. 4 cute tiger paws, a pair of cat ears – we tried to reflect the most interesting details of this set in the photo. We bought it second-handed – unfortunately, K’NEx doesn’t produce it anymore.

The Wild Ones  - Wild Animals

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  1. I considered buying it for a long time after I saw this set as a second-hand lot on Ebay. Now, looking at your photos, I think I should’ve buy it…

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