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A Trailer for Traveling Owlets

The wheels can rotate properly and carry those owlets to whatever destination they want.

A Trailer for Traveling Owlets

8 thoughts on “A Trailer for Traveling Owlets

  1. How lovely! The second our set arrived, the neighbor boys took it away from us to play:) We really like your owlets!!!

    1. How unspeakably lucky are the parents of the neighbor boys – good toys are nearby and completely free!

      1. Yeah. These brothers borrowed Clix from us for a couple of months 🙂 Knex, Intrestar and Bonz are next in line. Their eyes light up so much when they come to visit us and I show them the sets…

        1. Well, I wouldn’t let them get Magneforms ahead of my daughter. And I don’t think you should give them Bonz at all – they would break the fasteners and the set will become useless…

          1. Actually, daughter said that she would not give them Bonz. They had some time to play Magneforms, however. But there are so many alternatives that it’s okay, we’ll still have more than enough time to play it.

  2. Thank you! And we also would like to look at your crafts 🙂 We have 4 owlets (finger toys).

    1. Thank you, we ordered these owls as well. Our girl built something from it, but unfortunately I don’t have time to take photos. And if I do, then there is absolutely no time for uploading. I already have a lot of photos with Ello and with Lincoln sets. Tatiana, I think you promised to post some Lincoln sets after Xmas?

  3. I think that Kate should taxe the boys with photos of crafts for the Encyclopedia.

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