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Aesop – The Fox And The Crow

Its 3rd class. We learn already familir fable by heart.

A Fox was wandering through the woods one morning looking for food. He spotted a Crow sitting on a tree branch with a piece of cheese in her beak. The Fox thought to himself that this would be a perfect breakfast. He approached the tree and said to the Crow, “Good morning, beautiful creature!” And so on…

Aesop - The Fox And The Crow

4 thoughts on “Aesop – The Fox And The Crow

  1. What a wonderful staging of a fable! And the fox is really beautiful!

    1. Thank you! Here the fox is still slender, but by the night he completely rounded from all the the eaten cheese :)))

  2. Well, I just LOVE IT so much!!! How can you come up with something like this :))))))))))

    1. Thank you :))) Whatever it takes to make children appreciate classic literature and want to read and learn it.

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