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Edtoy + Tegu – School Bus

Using 2 magnetic construction sets together (globalization in action) – Edtoy from South Korea and Tegu from the USA, although it is made in Honduras.
Tegu planks fit well with Edtoy blocks, the bus rides on a pair of wheels from the Korean set. Thanks to the strong magnets of the Korean manufacturer, the vehicle turned out to be robust enough. Tegu’s magnets are hidden under the wood, so their strength is somewhat reduced.

Edtoy + Tegu - School Bus

1 thought on “Edtoy + Tegu – School Bus

  1. What a wonderful addition to each other these 2 construction sets are. Tegu planks and a solid base with wheels and seat parts from EDTOY! Fans of engineering design are very lucky to have something like this to work on!

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