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Geomag Bird

We bought a set from the new Geomag Kor series out of pure curiosity and even with a slight sense of pessimism, and did not expect that it would be so interesting to play with. And most importantly – everything revolves in the literal sense around one ball.

ATTENTION! Guard the ball like it’s an apple of your eye – the constructor does not work without it!!! A shiny ball is a very attractive thing for younger brothers and sisters.

And one more thing – additional elements fit very tightly into the holes of the covers. So I recommend to attach them first them to the cover, and then attach the cover to the magnetic segment. Otherwise, with strong pressure, you can displace the magnetic segments and disrupt or destroy the constructed object. The lids also fit tightly to the magnetic segments, and sometimes they are also difficult to remove. By the way, the lids themselves can be decorative elements, you can insert them into the opening of other lids.

Geomag Bird
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